Because Only Together We Can

Build A World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Across The Globe, We Are United In Our
Dedication To Children’s Rights

We Support Children And Youth To Reach Their
Full Potential


Sunehre Pankhbelieves in a simple motto “ Education is everyone’s right” and our mission is To help the future of the nation to build their future so to follow this we launched “Shiksha For All”, a campaign to provide stationery and other required items to under privileged students from the remote villages of Maharashtra. We choose underprivileged schools of Maharashtra State and gift them wings with means of education to those students who will be the future of our nation. Till now our focus has been only one district due to restriction of resources but soon we would like to expand our reach and help as many districts and children as we can.  So far we have organised 4 such drives in last 3 years while helping more than 1200 students. We were supported by more than 90 volunteers working for this project.